This blog is mostly about the things I’m reading right now.  I’ve always been a constant reader, so I decided it might be fun to write about some of the things I’m reading.

I also write about my own life and what I’ve been doing.  I like to write, so I write about what interests me: reading, biking, hiking, ideas.

Who am I?

As a young man I was interested in girls, drinking beer, trout fishing, mountaineering, general irresponsibility and and oddly enough reading books.  Reading books seems to be the one thing that has been a constant in my life.

I spent some time in the army, and then some time being a complete idiot and then more time than I probably should have in college.

My career has been pretty scattered.  I was a college English teacher for six years.  Then I was the owner, with my wife, of a handcrafted pottery business for twenty-five years.  That turned into a small-business with ten to fifteen employees that we sold  in 1995.

After that I was a landscape photographer for another twenty years.  I shot mostly landscape photographs of American wilderness, national parks and whatever I thought was beautiful.

So, I spent a lot of years traveling from national park to national park, from scenic overlook to scenic overlook and from one art show to the next.   This was probably the happiest time of my life; I loved being a landscape photographer.   Here is my photography website and here is my photography blog.

Now-a-days I’m retired and spend most of my time reading, writing, hiking, biking and drinking coffee with friends.

As Kurt Vonnegut always said, first you live and then you die, So it goes.

That’s me on the right.  I’m biking in the Tetons with my friend Bob.