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China, not the US is the new world leader in clean coal technology

This is a summary of David Robert’s article in Vox about a new report by the Center for American Progress on the status of  coal techology in china.   Here is a link to the entire article.

Surprisingly, China is suddenly the new world leader in coal technology.  The Center for American Progress sent a team of researches to China “To investigate its energy markets, analyze regulatory and plant construction data, and interview Chinese coal miners and coal plant operators. It sought to answer a simple question: What is China doing about coal?”

The report from this team indicates that China is doing a lot: China is trying hard to clean up coal burning as much as possible for now before eventually phasing coal burning out entirely in the near future.  Unlike the US, China is on track to exceeding its Paris carbon reduction commitments.

This is an important article and I plan to get back to it very soon.


This article is still in progress.  It should be finished soon.

Early Morning Beach, Palms and Sea, Dominican Republic.  Picture by Hanselmann Photography. 

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