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Visiting Glacier National Park, 1

Glacier National Park in Northwestern Montana has long been one of my favorite spots in the world; I would probably rate it as my number three favorite spot right after the Tetons and the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. This is the first of three articles on Glacier National Park. Like the Tetons, I first…… Continue reading Visiting Glacier National Park, 1

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The Secret of our Success

  This post is about the recent book The Secret of our Success: How Culture is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating our Species and Making Us Smarter, by Joseph Henrich, Princeton Press, 2016.  For me this is an extremely important book since I think that what Henrich is doing is right at the cutting edge of contemporary anthropology…… Continue reading The Secret of our Success

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It takes great light to make great pictures

This is another article from my days as a landscape photographer.  Good light will make any of those cell phone photos we are always taking when on vacation look like they were shot by a professional.  And its really so easy, just wait for the soft light of early evening or early morning. Great light…… Continue reading It takes great light to make great pictures

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The Challenge of Consciousness

This post is about an article in the New York Review of books called The Challenge of Consciousness.  The article is a dialogue between Tim Parks and Riccardo Manzotti.  This article is actually just the first in a series of eight articles in which Parks and Manzotti discuss the elusive nature of human consciousness. Here…… Continue reading The Challenge of Consciousness